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           at PACE UNIVERSITY

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by REMS Training, Inc., Jerry Strollo, CPP


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Attention New York City Office Building Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens: As a result of a recently passed law, you  will not be liable for injuries, death or property damage that occurs while performing your duties, except where there is gross negligence on your part. The actual statute follows:

New York State, General Municipal Law, Article 10, Section 205-d

  205-d.  Relief from civil liability for acts or omissions by fire wardens in the City of New York - After being trained by a certified fire safety director, any person designated to serve  as  a  fire  warden  or deputy  fire warden in any structure classified as an office building by law or otherwise in the city of New York shall not be liable for damages for injuries, death or property  damage  alleged  to  have  occurred  by reason of an act or omission in the performance of any duty contained in a fire safety plan unless it is established that such injuries, death or property  damage was caused by gross negligence on the part of such fire warden or deputy fire warden.