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           at PACE UNIVERSITY

downtown & midtown Manhattan locations

by REMS Training, Inc., Jerry Strollo, CPP


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Let us write your  Fire Safety Plan

HOTELS - new Fire Safety Plan Format now in effect






Listed below is an Outline of our course which is in strict compliance with the Rules of the City of New York:

    (1)  Fire safety director qualifications

    (i)  Qualifications to become a Fire Safety Director

    (ii)  Fire Department Application Forms

    (iii)  Pre-Test, Certificate of Fitness written examination, Certificate of Fitness on-site examination

    (2)  Building operations

    (i)  Alarm Systems

    (ii)  Sprinkler Systems

    (iii)  Standpipe Systems

    (iv)  Smoke Detectors

    (v)  Fire Extinguishers

    (vi)  Types of Alarm Systems E/J/Modifications

    (vii)  Fire Command Station

    (viii)  Elevators

    (ix)  Signs

    (x)  Stair Pressurization

    (xi)  Smoke Shaft

    (xii)  Compartmentation

    (xiii)  Construction

    (xiv)  History of Hi-Rise/Hotel Fires

    (xv)  HVAC Systems

    (3)  Fire safety director duties and responsibilities

    (i)  Fire Safety Director/Deputy FSD

    (ii)  Fire Safety Plan Format

    (iii)  Fire Drills and Evacuation

    (iv)  Training of Fire Brigade

    (v)  Human Behavior & Personal Safety of Occupants

    (vi)  Communication with FDNY at Fire Incidents

    (vii)  Inspection & Prevention of Fires

    (4)  Laws

    (i)  Local Law #5 of 1973, #16 of 1984, #41 of 1978 and #58 of 1987 and in   particular their impact on the operation of refrigerating systems.

    (ii)  Owner's Legal Responsibilities

    (iii)  Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

    (iv)  Any and all amendments to the above

    (5)  Firematics

    (i)  Chemistry of Fire

    (ii)  Properties of Fire

    (iii)  Behavior of Fire

    (iv)  Flame Proofing

    (v)  Ignition Sources

    (vi)  Heat Transfer

    (6)  Practical

    (i)  Hands on Practical Experience on Elevator Recalls

    (ii)  Hands on Practical Experience on Class E Systems including Use of Panel/Announcements/ and Floor Wardens