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For up to the minute information about the new FLSD title, please visit our web site dedicated to that title (still undergoing construction) www.FLSD.NYC

Active Shooter/Medical Emergency Preparedness course. REMS is FDNY certified to conduct this class

Every FSD and FS/EAPD are required to take this course. Anyone may take the course, but it's a mandatory 1st step for FSD's transitioning to the new title of Fire and Life Safety Director  (FLS Director)   F-89 C of F.

Conducted at Pace University, or On-Location at your request.  Click to see Class Schedule and Enrollment Form.   Fee: $110.00 which includes us paying the Fire Department's Card Transfer Fee


If you wish to become a Fire Safety Director (on a path to the new FLSD, Fire & Life Safety Director):

NEXT FSD (aka 20-Hour Fire Emergency) COURSES:

Our next EVENING course starts on:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 5pm - 10pm (4 sessions: Tues. - Wed. - Tues. - Wed.)

Fee: $220.00


See Class Schedule for more class details.

REMS TRAINING, INC. is now part of Croker Fire Drill Corporation. Click to see additional training course dates at Croker.



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Cost: $220.00 which includes a 230 page Student Manual/Reference Guide.

Future Fire Safety Directors

Please review the Fire Department document, "Qualification Criteria for FSD".

There are no requirements to take our course and the exam. However, the FD won't appoint anyone a Fire Safety Director unless they pass our course and have a minimum of 3 years of applicable experience in fire prevention, building service equipment, or a satisfactory combination.

To additionally assist you in determining whether or not you possess the necessary "WORK RELATED EXPERIENCE" please review the Z-50 Application.

If you have specific questions about your qualifications, they might best be answered by the Fire Department's Certificate of Fitness Unit. You can call them during business hours at (718)999-1986.


On-Location EAP & Fire Safety Plan training available. Please call or e-mail us for more info.


HOTELS: Fire Safety Plans

OFFICE BUILDINGS: Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan

We will write your building's Plan, then File it in person with the NYC Fire Department.

All inclusive, i.e. we handle it all, Floor Plan CAD diagrams, Sprinkler/Standpipe Riser diagram, etc.

The 2014 FIRE CODE will require additional occupancies and buildings to have a Fire Safety Plan.

We are Full Service Providers:

We Write and File Hotel Fire Safety Plans and  Office Building Comprehensive (combined) FS/EA Plans

We conduct Fire Safety/EAP Training

We conduct Fire Safety/EAP Drills

For New York State Security Guard, NYC Special Patrolmen & Peace Officer training needs, please visit www.SecurityTraining.com 

Our Mission:    To teach you not only what you need to know to pass the exams, but beyond that for when you actually must use what you have been taught.

                        High quality instruction

                        Affordable fees

                        Class Schedules with you in mind

Company Profile

24 year track record at Pace University.

Our teaching staff consists of active and retired NYC Fire Department instructors and FSD practitioners, supplemented by law enforcement and security professionals.

Member of: the Natl. Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Fire Safety Director's Association of NY, the American Society of Industrial Security (A.S.I.S.), International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, and the NYPD's Captain's Endowment Association.

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Phone:  1-888-793-7328

Fax: 1-888-802-5637

Mailing Address:

REMS Training, Inc.

265 Sunrise Hwy.

Ste. 1 PMB 184

Rockville Centre, NY  11570