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Welcome to Fire Safety Director. com...the site dedicated to training future FSD's, and keeping current FSD's up to speed on what's new, and on the horizon.

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For those wishing to become a Fire Safety Director:


Our next WEEKEND class starts on:

Saturday, August 2, 2014  9am - 4pm  (4 sessions:  4 consecutive Saturdays)



Our next WEEKDAY classes start on:


Tuesday, September 9, 2014 9am - 4pm   (4 sessions: Tues. - Fri. - Tues. - Fri.)



Our next EVENING class starts on:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 6pm - 10pm (6 sessions: Tues.-Thurs.-Tues.-Thurs.-Tues.-Thurs.)


Fee: $220.00


See Class Schedule for more class dates.


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Cost: $220.00 which includes a 230 page Student Manual/Reference Guide.

Payment methods are listed on the Reservation page.


Future Fire Safety Directors

Please review the Fire Department's official requirements AND Qualifying Experience to be appointed a Fire Safety Director. Click on FSD Requirements.

There are no requirements to take our course and the exam. However, the FD won't appoint anyone a Fire Safety Director unless they pass our course and have a minimum of 3 years of applicable experience in fire prevention, building service equipment, or a satisfactory combination.

To help you determine whether or not you possess the necessary "WORK RELATED EXPERIENCE" please review the Z-50 APPLICATION.

If you have specific questions about your qualifications, they might best be answered by the Fire Department's Certificate of Fitness Unit. You can call them during business hours at (718) 999-1988 or (718)999-1986.


For current holders of a Certificate of Fitness - FDNY mandatory training:

Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course

"Continuing Education" that's mandatory for ALL current FSD's & Deputy FSD's -

you will not be able to renew your Certificate of Fitness without proof you attended this course.

(Click here for additional info and FAQ's)

One-Day course


Saturday, August 2, 2014

 Start time 9:00am, End time up to 7:00pm

Pace University, Downtown campus (opposite City Hall)


Fee: $160.00

Reservations and pre-payment are a must.

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To reserve a seat call 1-888-793-7328 or






For those wishing to take the Fire Safety Coordinator F-80 2-day course at Pace University:



Saturday, September 13, 2014  9am - 4pm  (Day One)

Saturday, September 20, 2014  9am - 4pm (Day Two)

Fee: $130.00 per person

To guarantee sufficient seating and class material, we appreciate payment at least 5 days in advance.

For 1 to 3 students.

Student(s) Name & Course Date

Please call or e-mail us to reserve a seat.



MAJOR CHANGES announced for "SHELTER" Fire Safety Coordinators.


Current and future Coordinators are affected.


F-24 C of F ends on August 1st. Replaced by NEW F-80. Click here to read more about this major change.


Attention:  Shelters, Auditoriums, Churches, Schools, Community Centers, and other such buildings used for housing - we are also an FDNY accredited FIRE SAFETY COORDINATOR Training School. Classes conducted on-location at your facility, or at our school.


Location: Pace University, One Pace Plaza, downtown Manhattan, across the street from City Hall.


On-location at your facility. Shelters, Auditoriums, Churches, Schools, Community Centers, and other such buildings used for housing. We are an FDNY accredited FIRE SAFETY COORDINATOR Training School.


Classes conducted on-location at your facility, or at our school.


Please call or e-mail us to make a reservation.  1-888-793-7328; e-mail 

Click here to see Curriculum, sample Certificate of Completion, etc.


COMPUTERIZED on-line  EAP & Fire Safety Plan training is now authorized by the FDNY. We have it - ready to go. It's interactive and evaluates the participant's understanding of the material. Call or e-mail us for more info.

HOTELS: Fire Safety Plans

OFFICE BUILDINGS: Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan

We will write your building's Plan, then File it in person with the NYC Fire Department.

The New FIRE CODE will require additional occupancies and buildings to have a Fire Safety Plan.

We are Full Service Providers:

We Write and File Fire Safety Plans and the newly required Comprehensive (combined) Plans

We conduct Fire Safety/EAP Training

We conduct Fire Safety/EAP Drills


Tenant Educational Materials can be posted on-line. Visit for more info.

Emergency Action Plan Director

Effective April 6, 2006, an Office Building's Fire Safety Director became that building's Emergency Action Plan/Fire Safety Director, and is the person responsible for implementing that building's Emergency Action Plan. Click here to visit and familiarize yourself with the new law.

As stated above, a Group B Office Building's Fire Safety Director has also become that building's EAP Director. The same person will perform these 2 separate and distinct functions.  If you would like to read the EAP rules and regulations now, you can click on Local Law 26 in the left margin.


For New York and New Jersey Security Guard, NYC Special Patrolmen & Peace Officer training needs, please visit


Our Mission:    To teach you not only what you need to know to pass the exams, but beyond that for when you actually must use what you have been taught.

                       High quality instruction

                       Affordable price

                       Class Schedules with you in mind

Company Profile

20 year track record at Pace University.

Our entire teaching staff consists of active and retired NYC Fire Department instructors and FSD practitioners, supplemented by law enforcement and security professionals.

Member of: the Natl. Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Fire Safety Director's Association of NY, the American Society of Industrial Security (A.S.I.S.), International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, and the Captain's Endowment Association.

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